Compact 1.3MP 100M Depth Pan and Tilt Borehole Inspection Camera System

Compact Pan and Tilt Deep Well Inspection Camera System D10004PTCM

Main Application:

  • Borehole Inspection

  • Artificial Hole Inspection

  • Deep Well Inspection

  • Other Visual Applications


  • * 360 degree rotation camera head, Pan 360°Tilt 180°                            

  • * 1/3 CMOS,1.3MP pilex HD camera head, waterproof up to 10 bars   Water depth: 100M                   

  • * Waterproof 8Inch display,anti-shake and work for rugged environment                                                  

  • * Compact and integrated DVR control unit, easy operation.

  • *  100m Dia7mm flexible copper axis cable, it can make good camera image for long cable                                              

  • * USB bluetooth keyboard to typewrite the words                   

  • * Built in 8800mA li-ion battery, support uint working more than 6 hours  

  • * Digital meter counter function, error is less than 1%  



Camera Head

* Camera size 50mm x 154mm, sensor 1/3"   CMOS ,1.3MP pixel

* Waterproof IP68 up to 10 bar

* View range 120°

* Rotation: Pan 360°, Tilt 180°

* lens position automatic reset

* 6pcs high light LED lighting adjustable

* Detachable connection to Cable Reel

* Lens window sapphire glass                                                                                                 * PC LED cover, leakproofness better                                                          


Cabe Reel

* Cable Reel with depth counter

* Dia.7mm flexible soft cable

* Handle reel with meter counter

* Updated digital meter counter,error rate less than 1%                                                           * Reel brake   available

* Cable length 30m-200m optional (camera head just waterproof   10bar)  


Multiple DVR control   unit

*8"HD IPS LCD Screen, 1280X720 resolution, 16:9 display   model                             

 *HD DVR SYSTEM with   recording 720P video                            

*DVR recording system with AVI video format

*Waterproof LCD panel

*USB wireless Keyboard real time typewriting 

* USB port to connect storage device ( 16G USB flash disk)

* Built-in 7000mA rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

*Battery level indicator                                                                                        

* Sunshade is included                                                                 

* Box size 23x20x5cm                                                                                

*AC 110V-240V 1.5A power charger                                                        

*Charging time 7 hours,working time about 4 hours                                

*Can fix on the cable reel, can be handhold, can hang on the   neck(optional)

Multiple DVR Functions   Instruction


1.   POWER    Press the button for 3 seconds to turn on   /off the control box
2.   Keboard   Insert 2.4G wireless keyboard adaptor
3.USB  Insert external USB disk to record and save   the video& picture files. Please don’t remove the USB flash disk when it   is recording

4.Audio   Insert the 3.5mm earphone

5.Counter  Use 8pin link cable, one port to “COUNTER”   port, the other to cable reel “Meter counter port”.

6.Camera   Connect 6pin link cable to cable reel

7.Control   Panel  Details reference picture(1-1)

8.Monitor  8inch HD   screen ,1280x720 resolution

9.Led Dimmer   Adjust 18mm,23mm,29mm,40mm and 55mm camera   LED brightness

10.DC IN   Connecting extra charge adaptor
11.RESET  When the system is halted


image.png image.png

Carry bag

*Size: 32x22x25cm

*Easy to carry

*Include: Camera head/Control   unit/Wireless keyboard/Test cable/Link cable/User mannual  

Standard camera skids:

* Big skids: Φ220mm 

Gross weight 38KG
Packing cartons  59x35x69cm  40X30X30cm

Product Downloads

Detail Spec Download
Detail Spec Download

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