Vicam Dual and Rotating Borehole Inspection Camera System

Vicam Dual and Rotating Borehole Inspection Camera System P10010PT-Dual


  • Ф63*57mm camera waterproof 50Bar(725PSI),stainless steel camera housing.

  • With stainless steel centeral star

  • 200M-500M electrical twist cable wheel with auto wirring arranging system

  • Suitcase with 10inch screen and video/audio recording

  • Built-in 128G DISK for storage and wifi

  • Distance on -screen

  • Built-in temperature sensor and compass

Auto-wirring arranging system                               Side view 360° rotating endless and side 120°view angle

Auto wirring arranging system.jpgAuto wirring arranging system.jpg                                  P10010PT-Dual Camera Detail.jpg



Camera Head

*Φ63mm L570mm Stainless steel casing

*Waterproof   IP68 Operating depth 50 bars (725 PSI)

*Dual   Camera Down & Side viewing

*Pan   360° rotate endless

*View angle 120°  

*Sensor   resolution PAL 720H×576V NTSC 720H*480V

*Horizontal   resolution 700 TVL

*6pcs   high light LED (down view)

*6pcs   high light LED (side view)

*Camera   weight 5KG                               


Electric Winch

*Winding speed0~20m/min  

*Cable speed adjustable

*Φ10.5mm   twisted pair cable 100-500m length

*Power supply AC 110/AC230V, DC12~24V  

*On screen depth encoder    

*Electric cable rolling                                        



* 10" industrial color monitor  

* Display model 4:3  

* Resolution 1024*768    

* Menu language 9 languages optional

Control Panel

* Video input option: Borehole Camera or Pan & Tilt   Camera

* Winch operating knobadjusting speed, cable up and down, brake

* Camera rotation control button (clockwise and   counterclockwise)

* Down and side camera select button and LED brightness   control button  

* HD DVR Audio/Video recording & playback

* Video storage Medium: Built in 128GB SSD or USB device                    * On-screen   depth encoder, temperature and compass

Built in WIFI transmitter

* Using intelligent terminals as display and recording   device  

* Transmitter distance 30m    

* Through WIFI wireless transmit video to Android, Apply OS   or MID terminal

* Non-interference for 2.4G wireless remote control

Control   Unit Panel Buttons Function Declaration


  • Camera Image When It Working On Site

    D10010PT-Dual-1.jpg D10010PT-Dual-2.jpg

    D10010PT-Dual-3.jpg D10010PT-Dual-4.jpg

  • Wooden Case for Protecting the Equipment Well in Transportation  

    Packing Carton.jpg

  • Please Download the Detail Spec 

Detail Spec of  sheet of D10010PT-Dual.pdf

  • D10010PT-Dual Easy of operation suitcase

  •  D10010PT-Dual  side lens 360° rotating and bottom lens with wide view angel

Product Downloads

Detail Spec Download
Detail Spec Download

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