Barlus 2.8-12mm Electric Zoom Lens 1080P 2MP 60FPS Underwater IP Camera

Barlus WAN / LAN Remote Adjustment 2.8-12mm Electric Zoom Lens 1080P 2MP 60FPS Underwater IP Camera

Application: Aquaculture (fish farming, raising sea cucumber, etc.),Aquarium breeding ,Laboratory observation ,Shipborne,Ship engine monitoring ,Car ,Underwater wedding photography,Undersea marine life research , hole of water conservancy pipe,Downhole TV , Diving adventure camera,Underwater engineering acceptance,Downhole observation  (such as drilling and workover),Fishing 

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1: Resolution: 1920*1080P 2MP 60FPSFrames Per SecondHigh-speed video captures moving objects more clearly.

2:Sensor: 2.0MP 1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor,

3. Mobile phone; computer; NVR remotely adjusts the electric zoom 2.8-12MM lens. 

4.Water pressure resistance: up to 200Kpa (maximum water depth 20 meters)

5.Camera tail length: 6.3MM in diameter and 5 meters in length. Anti-stretching, anti-aging, anti-friction, anti-seawater corrosion, special underwater wire.

6. Support iOS, Android, IE, PC software

7.Supports interfacing with HVR/NVR and supports standard Onvif protocol;

8.Support SDK secondary development

9.Support H.265+ /H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG


Spec of DZ10010.pdf

The video of the DZ10010

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