Stainless Steel 1080P /1440P Underwater POE IP Network Camera

Brand: Barlus


Application: widely used in aquaculture (fish, sea cucumber, etc.).underwater wedding photography, submarine marine life  research, water pipe pile hole imaging,  downhole  TV, underwater investigation, underwater operations (such as checking the cage hole), diving adventure, underwater engineering acceptance, downhole  observation (such as drilling wells), leisure, fishing, etc 

D10001 with detail spec(2018).pdf




Resolution: 1080P/1440P  Full HD/1140P Full HD. Sensor: 1 / 2.8 inches

Lens: 6 MM/3.6MM, Angle: 54 ° ,Default focus: 4 Meter (The camera lens is clearest when it is 4 Meter away from the object)

Illumination:42 LED infrared light; photosensitive IC automatic control

Anti-pressure: 50Kpa

Camera tail length of 5 meters (special wire, anti-aging, anti-stretch, hydrolysis resistance.)

Support mobile phone remote monitoring (iOS, Android);

Multi-browser access (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari);

Support docking with HVR / NVR, support standard Onvif protocol;

DC12V 2A / POE 48V

Front Side:


Back Side:


1080P Option:


1440P Option:

600 1440P.jpg

Dimension Diagram:


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